The Team of Place4Refugees has been honored by the Union of the Syrian Students and Academics in Germany

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On 22.04.2016, the Union of the Syrian Students and Academics in Germany ( on behalf of the Syrian community has honored the engagement of the initiative „“ in the current refugees’ situation during a distinct cultural event at the TU Berlin. The organizers expressed their thankfulness to everyone who has been helping the refugees in the current situation. The team of Place4Refugees initiative has joined this event and explained the motivation behind their work and emphasized their intention to complete this effort.

Safa’a AbuJarour, on behalf of the entire Place4Refugees team, expressed her thankfulness for this honor and commented on the event: „Apart from the non-ending stressful situation, it was such an honor to join this very special and interesting event today. We are very much tankful for the precious honor and nice present presented to the family of Place4Refugees. This special honor has much value for us, because it is honest and expresses true appreciation. I would like to thank the entire team of Place4Refugees, including the Admins as well as our group-members for the great hard work to help others find and start better life, our team-work is the key success factor in our group. I’m really proud of our community, and we will continue being humans who are always available for other humans“, reported Safa’a AbuJarour from Place4Refugees.

Thank you, and stay with us to be able to continue to good work of our initiative.

Place4Refugees Team